Houston Charter Bus Prices

How to Calculate Your Houston Bus Rental Cost

We understand that you might want to get a rough idea of how much your Houston charter bus rental will cost before you call Longhorn. Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to give an accurate estimate until we have all the details of your trip. There are a wide array of factors that impact the price of a charter bus or minibus, such as the season, the length of the trip, and the type of bus requested.

The best way to figure out how much a bus will cost is to call us at 713-344-0553 for a free, personalized quote. However, we’ve listed some factors that go into pricing and a few sample trips below to give you as much information as possible before you call.

Houston Charter Bus Prices



Per hour

Per day

Per mile

Charter bus

$120 - $135

$1,200 - $1,300

$4.00 - $4.40


$108 - $122

$1,080 - $1,170

$3.60 - $3.96


Please note that these prices are only estimates, and may not reflect your actual rental cost. Keep reading to learn how we'll calculate your bus rental quote.

What Influences Your Houston Charter Bus Rental Price

When you book

Charter bus prices vary seasonally. Peak season for bus rentals is from April to June due to graduations and school trips and from August to November due to high school football season. During peak months, expect to see a spike in prices and a decrease in availability. Prices may also rise during major events like Houston’s two Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parades and the Houston Dragon Boat Festival.

The size of your group

Because Longhorn has access to a wide variety of buses, it’s easy for us to book transportation for groups of any size. However, the size of your bus model will affect your quote. Minibuses can typically accommodate up to 25 people with one carry-on bag and one personal item each (roughly the amount of luggage you could bring on an airplane without checking anything). 

If you have more than 25 people with you, or if you need additional storage space for luggage and sports equipment, you’ll want to book a full-size charter bus. Also keep in mind that minibuses do not have onboard restrooms, so when you’re going to be on the road for more than a few hours, a full-size charter bus is a wiser choice.

Your trip distance and duration

While local, one-day trips are typically priced per hour, multi-day trips are usually priced per day or per mile. No matter which method is used to calculate the cost, though, longer and farther trips are going to cost more.

Other transportation expenses

Tolls, processing fees, gas, and mileage on the bus will be included in your quote. There are also a few expenses that won’t be included in your quote but that you’ll need to account for when making your budget: parking (required), driver’s lodging (required for overnight trips), and gratuity (not required, but encouraged; around 10% of the total cost in cash is standard).
Taking all of those factors into account, we can estimate how much a few sample trips might cost.

Sample Trips

The wedding

A couple is going to tie the knot in their dream Houston venue, The Astorian. They’ve invited 100 guests, and they want to ensure everyone makes it to the event on time and has a safe ride back to the hotel. In order to accommodate all of their attendees, they’ll need two 56-person charter buses.

The couple wants the buses for almost the entire day, so they’re charged a daily rate of $1,250 per coach bus. That brings their total to $2,500, or $25 per guest. However, if they want to add a tip, their total will be $2,750, or $27.50 per guest. 

The Houston Texans fan group

A Houston Texans fan wants to show support for her favorite team by getting a group of her fellow die-hards together on game day. The group of 15, which includes a wheelchair user, plans to arrive at NRG Stadium 2 hours early for a tailgate party and head downtown for more drinks after the game. They’re looking for a quick shuttle so they don’t have to worry about picking a DD or parking at the stadium.

For an ADA-accessible 18-passenger minibus, these Texans fans will pay $110 an hour for 8 hours. This brings their total to $880, or $58 per person. If they want to add a tip, they’ll pay $968, or about $65 per person.

The corporate bash

A small company needs to book a shuttle for a conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center. They’ve requested a minibus for 20 employees that will travel from the airport to their hotel, the conference center, and local restaurants and sightseeing destinations.

They will need the minibus for 3 days, and the bus is $1,080 per day ($3,240 total). Their hotel offers free parking for the motorcoach, but they will have to pay for their driver’s room ($80 per night for 2 nights) and would like to include a 10% tip. This brings their total to $3,740, or $187 per person. As you can see, an overnight trip is much more expensive than a single-day one, so you’ll need to plan ahead for that if you know you have a long trip coming up.

Request a Quote for Your Houston Trip

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